Went to see Wanted yesterday. Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft mode again, Morgan Freeman playing Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy proving once again why he’s the hot young thing of British acting. Will there be a sequel? Could McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson be the successor to Damon’s Jason Bourne? In a word, no.

Not that Wanted wasn’t enjoyable. It was. But it was no Bourne movie. Not as clever, not as slick, not as hard-hitting, and a lot more violent. Nor was it as CGI-tastic as the Matrix, with which it shared some similiarities or as knowing as Fight Club. It was all-in-all very silly. Cartoonish even. So imagine my lack of surprise when it turned out it was adapted from a comic series.

(Look at me Lois: two posts in three days)

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