Honey, I’m home

A long long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to… no. Hang on… back up. This is not the time for whimsical Americana. I don’t care if it IS Don McLean, really I don’t.

Back in early 2007 when “blogging” was “cool” (was it?), and I was often out and about, I fancied just jotting ideas down. I probably should have used Tumblr, but it didn’t actually exist then, so I used Blogger. Reliable Blogger. Like a heavy but trustworthy old car, the sort that would appear in The Wonder Years, and you’d wistfully think “They don’t make ’em like that any more”, and then you’d remember why and thank christ for modern technology.

I didn’t jot ideas down very often as it happened. At least not here. I ended up jotting rather a lot of things down on other websites and neglected poor old Philosophical Inanities. It became the box that never got opened after moving house. I didn’t NEED any of the things inside, and I couldn’t quite remember what they were, but I was fairly sure I still wanted to keep them. If I could remember how to open the box.

Reader, I opened the box.

And realised there was a lot of dust and that some of the things inside needed to be thrown away, but I also rediscovered a couple of long-lost friends that deserved fresh air. And so I moved it to WordPress.

The final post I wrote in 2010 (which was more than a year after I wrote the previous one) suggested that I might be about to turn a corner and become prolific on the site. I didn’t touch it again for eight years. No such prognostications this time. Mebbe I’ll use it; mebbe I won’t.

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