Went to see Wanted yesterday. Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft mode again, Morgan Freeman playing Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy proving once again why he’s the hot young thing of British acting. Will there be a sequel? Could McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson be the successor to Damon’s Jason Bourne? In a word, no. Not that Wanted… Read more Wanted

24: Europe

“Are you sure you want to go the whole way?”, I asked in German“Yes, absolutely. I think it would be really interesting,” she replied. “For our readers.” I was flattered, but slightly concerned. It wasn’t what I’d had in mind at all, but then maybe it would be fun. After all sitting on trains for… Read more 24: Europe

Sign of the Times

Twice recently I’ve been lucky – nay priveliged – to travel on a train from London Blackfriars to Gatwick Airport. Both times I’ve been sitting amid or near older teenage girls (the first time they were sisters, one doing A-levels, one GCSEs and both were hilariously funny), and both times these various girls have been… Read more Sign of the Times