Greetings all from the fashion capital of the world (no, not Düsseldorf, whatever it would have you believe). This week, I am mostly being in Milan. First impressions are favourable (helped by a hotel that exceeded expectations). The Central Station is an astonishing edifice – I really feel the word “building” doesn’t do it justice.… Read more Buongiorno


Time for a good old-fashioned spleen vent.Heathrow Express is frighteningly expensive. A return nowadays sets you back £29, which is almost £1 a minute. At peak times there’s substantial demand for the service which whisks you from Heathrow into central London in 15 minutes every 15 minutes. The trouble is when that “whisking” is more… Read more Heathrow

Click art

Haussmann certainly knew a thing or two about boulevards. We’ll forget the military undertones of rapid troop movements and easily barricadable side-streets, the man knew width and indeed length. Why, Baron, you are spoiling us with your enormous streets. Why would someone – in fact a lot of people – walk round the Picasso Museum… Read more Click art

Jan Ullrich

Is it depressing or reassuring that “most naturally talented [insert field of expertise] of his/her generation” usually equals “underachiever”? Swiss fact of the day: Catching some ZsZurich (pop: 366,000) had 2.4m overnight stays in 2006. Zermatt (pop: 5,500) had 1.2 million.