Kill It, Cook It, Eat it

I caught the latter part of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It last night on BBC3.
Nice idea – follow an animal from field to plate; but presenter Richard Johnson seemed hell bent on making this “controversial”. The problem is that the average person who chooses to watch in the first place has probably already seen Gordon R on The F Word, and Hugh F-W on… well, almost every programme he makes, not to mention Saint Jamie O all undertake similar missions.

I guess as someone who agrees wholeheartedly with the programme’s philosophy – which is that people should understand where their food comes from, whether it’s a pack of supermarket value-brand mince, or a parsnip – I shouldn’t complain about the gospel being spread further. But a shock and awe approach isn’t necessarily the right way to go about it, especially if we want kids to understand what good food really is, and where it comes from and not put them all off from eating well-reared, ethically slaughtered, fresh, local meat.

Anyone interested in the topic could do far far worse than buy a copy of Hugh’s outstanding Meat book. This is my favourite food/recipe book by a Dorset country mile; both for its writing and discussion of meat issues, as well as for its delicious recipes.

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