Greetings all from the fashion capital of the world (no, not Düsseldorf, whatever it would have you believe). This week, I am mostly being in Milan. First impressions are favourable (helped by a hotel that exceeded expectations).

The Central Station is an astonishing edifice – I really feel the word “building” doesn’t do it justice. From a few streets away it looks like a geometrically-minded child giant’s construction. It dwarfs everything around it. On closer inspection it is suffering and there appears to be substantial restoration work going on. The platform part of the station is in the grand tradition of great European railway termini: enormous arching glass and metal roofs, stretching down the tracks that lead to Switzerland, Germany, France and of course the rest of Italy.

Final thought for the day: there’s a fine line between looking stylish and looking ridiculous. Too many young(ish) men in this city trample over that line in their expensive leather shoes.

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